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The US magazine News & World Report released its list of the best diets to start 2019. Here you can find a total of 41 different diets, from the Mediterranean Diet, the special Dash Diet for those suffering from hypertension, to diets based on the massive consumption of fruits and vegetables indicated for certain affectations of the organism.

In addition, new types of diets also appear on the market, such as the Pegana Diet, which is a mixture of the Paleo Diet (use of protein-rich foods) with the Diet. Vegan (no food of animal origin is consumed); or the Dubrow Diet, which is based on an intermittent fasting plan, which can range from 12 to 16 hours, consuming products such as green vegetables, fish, chicken or healthy fats (butter or avocado) at times that you can eat .

“There is a great variety of diets for all tastes and affections, but the truth is not miraculous,” says Elías Stambulie, a specialist in alternative medicine, who points out that ” Ideally, you can eliminate some products from your diet that will help you have better health and also lose weight. It is important that you be responsible and constant. If you make some changes to your diet you will see results right away “

What are those foods that we should be careful with and avoid overeating? Dr. Stambulie gives us the keys.

1. Do not abuse carbohydrates: This type of Food is essential for the body to function properly, but if you eat a portion greater than what your body needs, it will be transformed into body fat and therefore you will gain weight. The average amount that a person should consume per day is between 225 and 325 grams, “this way you can lose weight, on the contrary if you ingest a much higher amount will be very difficult” emphasizes the specialist.

For example, normally at lunchtime we find that in the same menu there is rice, potato, banana, some grain such as beans, lentils, chickpeas or peas and even cassava, that is, many carbohydrates . You should then choose only one of them or at most two in a moderate amount to avoid overeating this type of food. You should keep in mind that other foods that you also eat throughout the day such as bread, fruit, juice, milk, yogurt or corn also have carbohydrates and as mentioned above the amount of consumption indicated, if the intention is to lose weight, should not exceed 325 grams.

2. Be careful with the consumption of added sugars: Try Do not put so much sugar in the coffee or replace it with organic honey. Think that products such as energy drinks, sauces or jams have a large amount of added sugar, do not abuse it.

3. Less saturated fat: By controlling the foods that contain more saturated fats you can replace them with others and get lose weight. Therefore, if you choose a type of meat, hopefully it is not red, because these are the most easily accumulated in our body and a high consumption of it can cause that in addition to gain weight increase cardiovascular risk. To lose weight, it is best to replace them with fish or chicken, including legumes or quinoa. And nothing to eat fried or breaded, better grilled or baked.

4. And what about processed foods and fast food ?: The best thing is always to eat fresh products because in processed foods such as: cereals, potato packets, concentrated broth, soft drinks, sausages, energy bars, sweets, among many others, added sugars and saturated fats predominate, “Everything that our body does not need” emphasizes Dr. Elías Stambulie. A trick is that when it comes to market, check the label of the products that will be carried; In the list of ingredients, the one that is in the first place is the one that contributes more to that product. With this small revision you can avoid sugars, fats and extra calories.

The same goes for fast food such as hamburgers, pizzas, cobs … they are calories that we do not need. You can give yourself a treat from time to time but that does not become a routine.

5. Other recommendations: Drink plenty of water, take a good breakfast, respect the schedules of meals without chopping between meals, cooking with olive or coconut oil, control food portions, exercise or chewing slowly can also help achieve our goal of losing weight and create better habits of food.

“The best thing is not to diet, but to eat healthy,” concludes this medical specialist in alternative medicine.

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Standing thin! – Health180

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Standing thin . It may sound like magic, but it is a reality that has been proven by scientists. We tell you what it is

According to a study published by The European Society of Cardiology points out that standing can burn calories and help you lose weight.

Research indicates that a 65kg person can lose up to 10kg in four years by standing instead of sitting for six hours a day.

It is known that being sedentary or sitting for a long time favors obesity and overweight , and this can cause greater health problems.

The study involved 1,184 people of approximately 33 years of age. It was discovered that while standing they burn around 0.15 calories per minute.

For example, a 65kg person who is standing for a few hours a day (not followed), could burn up to 54 calories a day.

Regardless of whether standing up helps you lose weight , it is also necessary to perform some habits so that you can maintain your ideal weight:

  • Eat five times a day: this allows the metabolism is activated and easier to keep our weight or lose weight faster.
  • Avoid consumption of saturated fat: saturated fat is stored and it is more complicated to eliminate it with exercise.
  • Drinking water: besides the hydration that our body needs, drinking water or abundant liquids, it can also favor weight loss.
  • Physical activity: practicing at least 30 minutes of physical activity a day is essential to activate the metabolism and burn fat .

If in addition to avoiding sitting and standing for at least a couple of hours a day, apply these simple tips, you will not have problems losing weight.

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Why should we grind flaxseed before consuming it – Urgent 24

Flaxseed is one of those seeds that are worth incorporating into our daily diet. Its high content of fibers, omega 3 fatty acids and phytochemicals called lignans make it a good alternative when we want to take care of our weight and improve our digestive system.

Called by some as the “super seed” has properties such as anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, detoxifying and anti-allergic. It improves the cardiovascular and digestive systems. In addition, it helps prevent arthritis, the symptoms of menopause and many other benefits such as natural slimming.

However, you have to know how to consume it.

Many make the mistake of consuming it whole, which hinders the absorption of its nutrients. What leaves no effect to add or not to our meals The reason? Whole flax seeds can pass through the intestines without being digested, leaving the same way.

There are also those who grind all the seeds, which coffee and are using this ingredient little by little. Although the body manages to digest them in this way, many antioxidants are oxidized in contact with oxygen.

So the best way to consume it is ground, but at the moment; thus avoiding the loss of the great properties that this seed has.

Flaxseed for weight loss

We must highlight something important: In addition to flaxseed to lose weight is necessary to make a balanced diet and exercise.

A fundamental point to understand is that the consumption of this food is not a magic solution to lose weight. It is essential to accompany this process with balanced nutrition. As well as with the practice of frequent physical activity.

Once this is understood, we recommend that you make a daily commitment in a controlled manner and with each meal of the day. You”ll need:

  • Freshly ground flax seeds
  • Water

What to do?

Ideally, before starting treatment, it is to consult the nutritionist beforehand to help you calculate the dose your body needs. In general, it is recommended to use three tablespoons of flaxseed daily spread throughout the day.

Accordingly, to start you will take the recommended ration of flaxseed and you will consume it during the three meals of the day . For each spoonful of ground flaxseed you will have to drink a glass of water. So there will be 3 glasses of flaxseed water on the day before each meal.

An alternative to this is to take the same ration of flaxseed and add them to food. Its function to lose weight will be the same and will also give you results.

More and better results


If you are looking to optimize your results, you should keep in mind the following:

  • You must be consistent with your consumption of flaxseed to lose weight, this way the treatment will give you results and in the first month you will begin to notice the change.


  • It is advisable to consume flaxseed for two months in a row. Then pause for 3 to 4 weeks before resuming it.
  • Combine flaxseed intake with a balanced, healthy and fat-free diet.
  • Remember! It is very important that to improve your figure you have a good exercise routine.

Alerts and side effects

The consumption of flaxseed to lower Weight can have some side effects in some organisms since not all accept them equally. It warns of its consumption especially to people who ingest some type of medicine recommended by an expert.

Flaxseed oil has some interactions with some drugs and mainly influence the speed at which these are absorbed in the body. These medications are usually the ones that command diabetes and hormonal treatments.

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