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Standing thin . It may sound like magic, but it is a reality that has been proven by scientists. We tell you what it is

According to a study published by The European Society of Cardiology points out that standing can burn calories and help you lose weight.

Research indicates that a 65kg person can lose up to 10kg in four years by standing instead of sitting for six hours a day.

It is known that being sedentary or sitting for a long time favors obesity and overweight , and this can cause greater health problems.

The study involved 1,184 people of approximately 33 years of age. It was discovered that while standing they burn around 0.15 calories per minute.

For example, a 65kg person who is standing for a few hours a day (not followed), could burn up to 54 calories a day.

Regardless of whether standing up helps you lose weight , it is also necessary to perform some habits so that you can maintain your ideal weight:

  • Eat five times a day: this allows the metabolism is activated and easier to keep our weight or lose weight faster.
  • Avoid consumption of saturated fat: saturated fat is stored and it is more complicated to eliminate it with exercise.
  • Drinking water: besides the hydration that our body needs, drinking water or abundant liquids, it can also favor weight loss.
  • Physical activity: practicing at least 30 minutes of physical activity a day is essential to activate the metabolism and burn fat .

If in addition to avoiding sitting and standing for at least a couple of hours a day, apply these simple tips, you will not have problems losing weight.


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