Two super effective exercises to eliminate the rolls of the back – América Televisión

On these hot days, you probably want to wear more naked clothes or that beautiful bikini for the beach or pool, but, often, having rolls can make you limit yourself. One of the areas where these imperfections accumulate is on the back , if you are looking to eliminate them, we will share some effective tricks.

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The Muscles and Defined Body channel presents the two best exercises for those looking to disappear the back rolls . The best thing is that you can do them at home and they are super easy to do.

how to remove the rolls from the back “Rotation of the hip “

The first exercise asks the person to lie on their back on the mattress and rotate the hip from side to side with the back resting on the floor. The circuit should last about 15 seconds and be repeated three more times, being interspersed by the following exercise.


Lying with the belly down, this exercise demands more strength because it asks that arms and legs be cleared from the ground and turned to the ground. The challenge is that you should not take off the pectoral from the ground, that”s why it”s called “Superman”. You must perform this routine for 15 seconds in a series of three, being interspersed with the rotation of the hip.

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We share a video so you know how to do the exercises:

Other very effective tips
The exercises that we have shared with you must be accompanied by healthy food. I know, it”s a bit difficult in these times, in which you surely consume ice cream and other snacks, however, you should try to make an effort and include in your diet fat-burning foods , such as: celery, fish, whole grains, yogurt, etc.

Massage : after finishing the work day, there is nothing more relaxing than having massages. There are nowadays places where you can do reducing massages, these can help you reduce the fat and liquids that accumulate in your back.

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If you see that the back rolls are disappearing, it is recommended to wear loose clothing , which is not bad on these hot days. Remember that tight clothing does not do your skin good.

Swimming : this sport is very complete and will help you strengthen your back muscles.

Be consistent, if you manage to practice exercises and eat healthy, you will get rid of those annoying little rolls.


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