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(Caracas, January 02. News24) .- In the Christmas season we focus on tasting the delights of Christmas dishes, such as hallacas, the pork leg and the succulent salads and desserts that can not be missed at the table. But what happens when the new year begins? Today we are going to give you several tips to lose those extra pounds .

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1.- Take it easy: Do not focus on losing weight in a week, because it will never happen. You have to have a stipulated period, example to lose weight in three months. You already know that you have to eat balanced and exercise during that time to see the result.

2.- Eat at the right time: Many times when we are with the bustle of work and studies, or the infinity of activities that we do every day, we tend to eat at the time that we have time and that affects our body. That is why it is advisable to eat at the time. If we have breakfast at 8:00, you know that at 12:00 or 1:00 you have to be having lunch.

If you dine late at 7:00 or 8:00 you can have a snack at 4 or 5:00 as a fruit salad or yogurt, that will calm the anxiety you have. At dinner you can not eat something heavy for the hour, in this case you can eat a light sandwich or hot oatmeal.

3.- Make three lists of foods: Having organized the food you are going to consume helps your body is prepared and so do not mess up.

Green list: Healthy foods that we can eat every day. Vegetables, fruits, legumes, whole grains, nuts and seeds, eggs, fish, poultry.

Yellow list: Foods that we can eat a few times a week. Red meat, dairy products, packaged juices, wholemeal flours.

Red list: Foods that we should not eat. Fritters, pastries, sweets, ice cream, soft drinks, refined flours, precooked food, sauces, cream.

4.- Drink lots of fluids: Doctors and nutritionists recommend drinking plenty of water, so it is customary for your body to drink enough liquid, we all know that when we eat, we are fascinated by a soft drink or Another drink that does not get water. But try to change those habits, you will see that ye will help the future.

5.- Choose well the physical exercise: One of the best sports we can do to lose weight is not to do many hours, but rather to exercise at intervals. In this way short periods of medium intensity are alternated with brief breaks, and repeated several times.

This allows us to tone up and reduce fat with two or three sessions of half an hour per week. Doing exercises in the morning helps a lot to be active to start the day, if you have animals like dogs you can take him for a walk and so take advantage of running and jogging with him.

6.- Resting tones the skin: Specialists recommend that sleep 8 hours helps keep our skin rosy and toned, so it is advisable not to stay up late, because when we do our face aside that it is destroyed and wrinkled, the skin does not get the nutrients it should have.

A part of that, when we spend hours without sleep our body tends to gain weight because what we do is eat and be from there to here. And we do not relax as it should be.

7.- Having sex helps a lot: For those who do not know, sex helps a lot in lowering calories, just as they are reading it. Sexual intercourse represents an energy expenditure for the body and during the love act calories are burned. Because of this and because in moments of pleasure the brain secretes a substance that calms the cravings to eat.

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