How far to run to lose weight – Levante-EMV

It has been proven that going for a run is a fantastic exercise with which many calories are lost and physical fitness is improved. Practice running frequently helps you lose weight , so it is important to know each other and go try different distances to gauge how many kilometers you need to run to stay in excellent physical shape.

Next, we show you a table that with the weight and speed parameters calculates the calories burned per minute.

Knowing how far you will run will allow you to adjust these outings in shoes weekly or daily. If you have run the Valencia Marathon and you have already registered for the 2019 edition is that you really live for this discipline, and you”re sure to pulverize all the distance records. Find out where your limit is to better organize the sports activity .

Running distance to lose weight

To know the distance to run to lose weight you need to know how many calories are burned per hour . There are several methods such as the heart rate monitor, which by assessing the height, weight, pulsations and intensity of the race will allow you to make an approximate calculation of the recommended distance for each particular case.

Calculate the distance traveled

The Running calculator controls the mark, distance and speed when running by obtaining any of the three values ​​from the other two.


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