Technical Focus: Gold Price and USD/JPY Weekend Gap Risk


-Decisive close through 2011-2012 trendline in gold

-USD/JPY weekend gap risk as per median line concepts






Invest In Precious Metals In 2017


Elections in Germany, Netherlands, France and Italy may cause more black swan events than in 2016 with Brexit and Trumps election. Time to consider precious metals as bullion and good quality stocks getting through higher gold and silver prices huge upside potential, Jochen Staiger, CEO & Founder, Swiss Resource Capital AG.

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heera Group’s:nowhera shaik reply to fatwa’s issues


heera Group’s:nowhera shaik reply to fatwa’s issues . New Leates Updates Subscribe’s BHARAT KI TARRAQI NEWS. Dr. NOWHERA SHAIK replay to fatwa .

Dr. NOWHERA SHAIK replay to fatwa issue on HEERA GROUP. HEERA GROUP is a 100% Halal Company.

Special Story abt Heera Group Of Companies. CEO NOWHERA SHAIK .Gangster Bhongir NAYEEM.SIT investigation , involvement of political & Bollywood .

Heera gold investment issue fatwa came from mumbai , Karnataka for Muslims not to invest in it & if invested take back investments immediately according to .


Gold 2017 Q1, Paper Market Clowns At It Again! *hidden tape in the end*


Junius Maltby channel takes a look at Gold in the first quarter, some news about the paper gold markets and a troll that has a list – and who is on his list? SALIVATE METAL? I need to be on there also.


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OH WOW 2008!? WOW. I was doing this 2 decades before that. Look at this stock schill pumping paper and using his little charts and numbers to prognosticate like a soothsayer. What idiot day trades metals? It’s not an investment – it’s a hedge. Next time you jump to conclusions and swing by my channel to throw out some misinformed accusation think twice. So let me get this straight – your relationship with the mother in law crashed, you are bitterly divorced, and you are the only one that is ever right? Hmmm, I see a theme here. US dollar is going the way of the day trading paper shills. Stay off my channel you dizzy clown.


GOLD PRICE IS SURGING People Flocking To Safe Haven Asset Due To Global Chaos


GOLD PRICE IS SURGING – People Flocking To Safe Haven Asset Due To Global Chaos

The animal spirits were asleep, but they’re waking up again,” Mark O’Byrne, a director at broker GoldCore Ltd. in Dublin, said by phone. “We have all these latent threats that have been around for a while, Trump, European elections, Brexit, and they’re all just becoming a little more acute.”

Gold futures for June delivery rose 0.8 percent to settle at $1,288.50 an ounce as of 1:43 p.m. on the Comex in New York. O’Byrne predicted prices could run to $1,400 an ounce by the end of the year.

The latest leg-up came after U.S. President Donald Trump declared a preference for a weaker dollar and France’s right-wing candidate Marine Le Pen led in polls before the first round of presidential elections.

The Credit Suisse Fear Barometer neared an all-time high this week, a warning sign as the list of economic and political concerns grows. The index measures the cost of buying protection against declines in the S&P 500 Index.

In the Bloomberg weekly survey, 14 respondents reported a bullish view, compared with one bear and two neutral.

In other precious metals: Silver futures for May delivery rose 1.1 percent to $18.51 an ounce. Platinum futures for July delivery gained 1 percent to $977.40 an ounce on the New York Mercantile Exchange. Palladium futures for June delivery lost 0.1 percent to $795.90 an ounce.

The Royal Mint’s gold sales jumped by a fifth in the first three months of the year, according to figures obtained under freedom of

Following month-on-month declines in the first two months, March gold sales jumped 263pc in volume terms, according to the information sent by email.

Gold sold and stored by the mint under its Signature Gold programme, which allows the partial ownership of bars held in its vault, jumped 178pc in March, compared with a year earlier.

The increase in purchases follows a sharp gain in prices, with spot metal increasing in each of the first three months, the longest run since 2012, according to data compiled Gold miners jump as jitters prompt haven buying US stocks fall, led by economically sensitive sectors such as techs and financials gold “gold price” “gold bullion” “gold coin” “buy gold” trade “stock market” commodity commodities silver “cash 4 gold” “sell gold” “gold vault” “gold storage” demand “silver coin” usd trading forex “forex trading” comex nyc “new york” london delivery “physical gold” price asset 2017 2018 future world history historic “safe haven” safety investment savings “savings account” “bank account” banking debt credit “credit card” currency gbp pound success collapse bitcoin bull run jim rogers gerald celente

The dollar index, a measure of the buck against a basket of peers, slid 0.3 per cent. Federal Reserve chair Janet Yellen’s remarks on Monday signalling a gradual pace in interest rate rises also helped lift gold, which offers no yield. GOLD PRICES jumped to new 5-month highs above $1286 per ounce Thursday morning but curbed their gains for non-Dollar investors after the US currency fell hard on President Trump’s comment that the greenback “is getting too strong.”

Despite easing from the 13-year highs reached immediately after Trump’s election last November, “Partially [this strength] is my fault because people have confidence in me,” Trum After weak demand hit the global benchmark LBMA Gold Price auction amid Tuesday’s $20 jump in spot prices, one major bullion bank today told BullionVault it has seen mining-producers selling gold on the current surge. Indeed, the yield on the 10-year U.S. Treasury note fell to a five-month low on Wednesday, while the yield on the two-year note also declined, along with the value of the Udollar. Bullion is highly sensitive to U.S. interest rates, which raise the opportunity cost of holding nonyielding, dollar-denominated gold.


The No 1 Gold Investment For 2017 YouTube


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Heera group & heera gold & investments chaiman Smt Nowheera shaik complaint in Golconda police station west zone Hyderabad that her 3rd husband taken .

BHARATKITARRAQINEWSHYD #Heera group & heera gold & investments chaiman Smt Nowheera shaik complaint in Golconda police station west zone .

Dr. Nowhera Shaik CEO Heera Group.


Gold & Silver Price Update – April 5, 2017 + Gold Shorts To Be Punished?



Link to Korelin Economics we look at the unprecedented policy statements coming from the Federal Reserve regarding inflation and currency debasement.

Also, if gold breaks through $1,265 it will trigger an important pattern on a longer-term basis. What are the ramifications?