The leader of India withdrew the most popular bank notes from India, and many industry insiders believe the motive was to stifle Indian gold demand since much of the gold trade in India is conducted in cash. But the plan backfired: Indian gold demand has gone through the roof!

Rob Kirby from Kirby Analytics explains why what has just occurred in India is another blow for globalism. Brexit and Trump’s election have also been huge setbacks for globalism. Even though the anti-EU candidate lost in Holland’s elections Wednesday, Kirby thinks globalism is dying.

Also in this interview:

– Paul Ryan, “You’re Fired!” – Why it could happen

– Will the Dollar go back to the gold standard?

– The effects of the Dollar losing its world reserve currency status

– U.S. debt ceiling hit at $19.9 trillion, default coming?

– Both Republicans and Democrats want to stop Trump’s agenda

– America doesn’t have the gold reserves it claims to have

– How would gold investors benefit from a return to a gold standard?

– Can the U.S. government stop Bitcoin by shutting down the Internet?

– Will Glass-Steagall be reinstated?


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