Best investments of 2017


Best investments of 2017 coming at you in this video, but before we start I would like to say this is for educational purposes and any trades you do decide to move on. To make sure you do your due diligence, do your research and make sure that you really know what you are investing in to get a better play in the market.

It’s great to see some of the revelations people having been having about the manipulation in the markets, especially with Gold & Silver. It will open up some great doors where we will see some regulation to these markets allowing fairer trading for all.

The big news to come out this year that people fear will take a huge impact for what the best investments of 2017 will be, is Trump. Love him or hate him, that is down to you.

We are in an economic contraction right now, which comes around every 4-7 years. It does not matter who is in office at the time, however what comes with a recession is old business’ go out of business and make room for the new.

Spotting these trends from each cycle can make for great trading opportunities. As I said before, always research what you are trading in – Why are hedge-funds investing into so much gold and silver. It takes a quick google search to find all this information.

Oil is another very very interesting market for me, I believe we will see a dip in the market there. I will be looking at BP and Shell that are going to be paying based on the stock 8-10% depending on how low oil goes.

I am really excited for this year, there is a great opportunity to do really well, it was great to share with you my predictions for the best investments of 2017. Please leave a comment below with any ideas you may have or opinions on my ideas, always great to get a discussion going.

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