Silver Investing Today 2016: How To Invest In Silver For Beginners: Silver Investing Physical Silver


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Leading Silver Investment Expert on the Endgame Scenario, Fiat Crash – David Morgan


Mine Closures Creating Massive Profit Opportunities in this is a great interview if you’re looking for the the wide view of the most recent silver/gold/mining correction and current market view and recent FED meeting. With us is David Morgan the leading silver expert who’s been Future Money Trends’ friend since our beginning in 2010. Make sure to checkout his site and subscribe if you love silver as an investment.


00:50 Mining has Barely Risen, Much More Up-Room in Bull Market!

03:00 The Silver Awakening: The Ultimate Investment Metal

03:45 This Correction Explained, Manipulation in Short-Term

05:40 Current Levels & Forecast for Silver & Mining Stocks

07:40 Mining Stock Fervor is Kicking Off with Big Investments

09:00 Waiting for Fall for Biggest Bull Run Return

11:25: How 2016 Election Could Affect Metals & Mining & Economy

13:00 Physical Market Freeze-Up, World Markets, Currency Crashes

15:00 Our World is Way out of Balance; Fiat System Beyond Repair

17:40 FED Meeting, ZIRP, NIRP, What is the Endgame?

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How gold prices could fall below $1200 before the end of 2016


gold prices could fall below $1200 before the end of 2016

Today is Sunday 13th November 2016 and we are briefly addressing the issue of how gold could fall below $1200 within the next 6 weeks.

Last week, Gold prices plunged to their lowest level since the week-ending 3rd June, in reaction to a surge in U.S. bond yields, on speculation that President-elect Trump’s economic plans could stoke the flames of inflation. December Comex Gold futures closed the week down over 6%.

Some analysts argue quite cogently, that since Trump’s victory, the markets have been going through a considerable reallocation with stocks and the U.S. Dollar rising and Treasury Bonds and Gold prices falling.

The key here is to understand the impact of US Treasury Yields and how they are probably one of the best indicators of the direction of gold prices. As Gold doesn’t pay an yield or a dividend, rising yields and equity prices put pressure on the precious metal. Gold competes for the same investment dollar and investors want to get the best return for that dollar.

The next 6 week’s direction in gold will be determined by the direction of U.S. Treasury yields and the U.S. stock market. If stocks and yields continue to rise then gold could very likely break below the $1200 level perhaps as low as $1180.

If this were to happen, with silver prices generally correlating to gold on the approximate basis of 70:1 we could also see silver fall into the mid to late $16 level.

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Rs 60K Gold price hike in black market after Rs 1000 Rs 500 currency ban accuses CM Kejriwal, PC


Slamming the Modi government move of demonetisation, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said, “Not a single rupee of black money will come into the system. That black money will go into the system of the BJP. This is a very big scandal.”

Responding to Finance Minister Arun Jaitley’s statement that the surge in bank deposits had come from arrears of the 7th Pay Commission, Kejriwal argued that arrears alone is too small a component to explain a huge surge. “I am challenging that not even a single person with black money is standing in these queues,” the Chief Minister claimed while asserting yet again that “friends of Modiji and friends of the BJP” had been tipped off about the move.

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Buying, Owning & Storing Gold & Silver: Everything You Need to Know from Industry Expert Schectman


Gold & Silver Prices to Skyrocket in 2016, Our Top Investment interview will expand your mind on Gold & Silver Investing. A perfect go to video for beginners and intermediate investors in the precious metals space, founder of bullion dealer Miles Franklin and metals expert Andrew Schectman delivers 40 minutes of important and helpful information as well as revealing some upcoming exciting updates for Miles Franklin.

Get more from Andy & Purchase from a Trusted Bullion IN THIS INTERVIEW:

02:00 Background on Miles Franklin Bullion Dealer, A+ Better Business Bureau

03:00 Companies that Cut Corners for Prices Ended up Bankrupt

06:30 Minnesota first state to license & bond bullion dealers

09:50 Holding at Home Tips: Theft Risk

14:40 Third Party Storage Vaults: What Are They?

15:30 GLD & SLV is Letting the Fox guard the Hen House

16:30 Andy doesn’t see government confiscation of metal

17:50 US Needs trust of creditors = no asset confiscation

19:00 Storing Gold & Silver with 3rd Party Depositories

23:30 Having wealth out of control to preempt currency controls

24:20 Miles Franklin will have revolutionary BRINKS security

25:50 Purchasing Bullion, Buybacks, What to Buy, etc.

34:00 Last Year Miles Franklin sold only 10% in Generic Silver

35:00 Buying Government Issued Coins gives Peace of Mind

36:30 Counterfeit Coins Popping Up: How to Deal

41:00 Learn More & Buy Now via phone, online ordering in Oct

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The Perfect Storm for Silver: Mine Closures, Upside Bigger than Gold! – Gwen Preston Interview


Gold & Silver Prices to Skyrocket in 2016, Our Top Investment interview will expand your mind on mining stocks and gold & silver investing. She explains the bigger upside silver has, the current state of the bull market rally (which is about to pickup again) and covers other intriguing mining investments Uranium & Lithium.


01:15 Mining Stocks Rally & Correction: How to Judge the Cycle

06:35 No Rate Hike until After Election, Gold Seasonality Growth

08:05 Gold $1,400 By End of year, Mining Stocks to Rise More

10:45 Mining Sector vs Larger Stock market: Much Bigger Gains

13:45 Last Bull Market Mining Cost Climbed with Price

15:55 Uranium: How Long can Mining Cost be Higher than Spot Price

20:55 Can Uranium Bull Market be Separate of Gold & Silver’s?

23:30 The Great Prospect for Lithium as an Investment

25:45 Bubble Building in Lithium as Companies change Names

27:30 Silver Shortage Soon? Big Silver Mines Closing Down

31:45 Silver Stocks: Huge Gains vs Physical, More Upside vs Gold

36:15 Get more from Gwen & Final Thoughts, Bear vs Bull Markets

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