90% $ilver Quarter rolls for

90% $ilver dime rolls for

9 in 1 LED crank flashlight

Sawyer water filter purifies up to 100,000

Wise emergency food 1 month supply:

Mountain House emergency food

Crank LED

Silver seems to have the most upside potential. No matter how much silver you have you could always use more, its like saying how much money is enough to fall back on for a nest egg.

– If you look at the historic gold to silver ratio is 20(S) to 1(G) but today silver is $15 an Oz gold is & $1200 an Oz that is 80(S) to 1(G) so that is one reason silver is way undervalued

– There is now more above ground silver than gold because we store gold but use silver and don’t recycle it. Silver is in every electronic device man has ever made, its used in solar panels, water filters, medicine, jewelry, rechargeable batteries and thousands of other things and it is becoming harder to find.

– Their is 100 times more “paper silver” traded on the comex everyday than actually exist. So the psychical silver price should rise once people see this

Go to a bullion site and call and ask how long the wait time is, my brother had to wait 3 months for 100 Oz from Northwest Territorial Mint, the U.S. mint is months backlogged.

If you want to have a safe haven from fiat currency. GoldMoney is the 100% gold backed debit card you can use anywhere MasterCard is accepted. It is almost impossible not to have a bank account these days so why not have an account backed in something real like gold. Click the link below, open a free account and make your first deposit within 7 days for a bonus .5g of free gold in your account!

If you wish to invest money is stocks that do well during economic downturns look into in mining stocks, energy stocks or agricultural stocks with Scottrade use the reference code for 3 free trades ( ZPLG9084 )

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“What if a Emp attack” “What if a tsunami” “What if a blizzard”

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“What if a riot” “What if a forest fire” “What to so if a solar flare”

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“What to do is shit hit’s the fan” “economic collapse” “stock market crash” “Great depression” “WROL” “Prepper” “prepping” “food shortages”

From http://jarrettboone.blogspot.com/2017/03/why-silver-is-greatest-investment-for.html

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