Leading Silver Investment Expert on the Endgame Scenario, Fiat Crash – David Morgan


Mine Closures Creating Massive Profit Opportunities in this is a great interview if you’re looking for the the wide view of the most recent silver/gold/mining correction and current market view and recent FED meeting. With us is David Morgan the leading silver expert who’s been Future Money Trends’ friend since our beginning in 2010. Make sure to checkout his site and subscribe if you love silver as an investment.


00:50 Mining has Barely Risen, Much More Up-Room in Bull Market!

03:00 The Silver Awakening: The Ultimate Investment Metal

03:45 This Correction Explained, Manipulation in Short-Term

05:40 Current Levels & Forecast for Silver & Mining Stocks

07:40 Mining Stock Fervor is Kicking Off with Big Investments

09:00 Waiting for Fall for Biggest Bull Run Return

11:25: How 2016 Election Could Affect Metals & Mining & Economy

13:00 Physical Market Freeze-Up, World Markets, Currency Crashes

15:00 Our World is Way out of Balance; Fiat System Beyond Repair

17:40 FED Meeting, ZIRP, NIRP, What is the Endgame?

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From http://jarrettboone.blogspot.com/2017/03/leading-silver-investment-expert-on.html

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