Relationship Between GOLD PRICE and STOCKS – Better To Buy Gold/Silver Or Stocks?- GOLD VS. STOCKS


In this video I talk about the relationship between gold and stocks, and go over why investors buy gold over stocks and why gold goes up when stocks go down and why gold goes down when stocks go up. I briefly explain the underlying reasons why this happens, however as I say, it is a very basic overview of gold of a currency and commodity and the many ways it is used in investing, the economy, macro economics, and many other things. If anything this video should serve as a basic introductory to gold and investing in it. It is a long-term investment and can be swing traded or even day traded with futures, however I do not recommend that. In the most basic sense, gold is a currency so trading it is almost as if you are trading forex in a weird way. On the other hand though, gold itself is a physical commodity so it trades as such also. Whether it be currency, commodity, or precious metal, gold has many uses so understanding its role in the market is crucial to trading it an also using it as a market indicator. There is a lot to Gold as I said, and this can be used as a basic intro, but if you guys want me to continue off of this and make more videos about gold let me know and I can dive in depth into the precious metal and explain its interworking, how I invest in it and how I use it as a market indicator!

On another note, sorry for the delay in posting, been super busy with all my companies and trading! Further, the holidays and family and friends visiting has slowed me down, along with getting ready for the next pledge class, which starts in January! The group interviews and deadline to get in the application is the second week of December so I am super busy an excited setting that up. I will try to get back to my normal schedule of posting everyday, if anything might go on a slight break to build up a video database, but if you really want to see the videos I have most posted already in the citizen library and just posted 7 of them today. Regardless, there is enough content on here for you guys to learn and if you have any questions feel free to hit me up or join one of my weekend webinars!

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