Gold & Silver Price Update – February 15, 2017 + New Gold Pattern



Main Aaron is senior editor for the Gold-Eagle investment portal: is going to the moon in 2017!!

(just kidding — but things are looking good)



Gold & Silver Price Update – February 22, 2017 + Beware NUGT / JNUG



Main Aaron is senior editor for the Gold-Eagle investment portal: this video we focus on the gold & silver mining sector.

A lot of investors are looking to leverage the gains we expect in the metals through the NUGT / JNUG funds — however, this can be extremely hazardous to one’s financial position. We give examples to show how these funds should and should not be used.





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Silver seems to have the most upside potential. No matter how much silver you have you could always use more, its like saying how much money is enough to fall back on for a nest egg.

– If you look at the historic gold to silver ratio is 20(S) to 1(G) but today silver is $15 an Oz gold is & $1200 an Oz that is 80(S) to 1(G) so that is one reason silver is way undervalued

– There is now more above ground silver than gold because we store gold but use silver and don’t recycle it. Silver is in every electronic device man has ever made, its used in solar panels, water filters, medicine, jewelry, rechargeable batteries and thousands of other things and it is becoming harder to find.

– Their is 100 times more “paper silver” traded on the comex everyday than actually exist. So the psychical silver price should rise once people see this

Go to a bullion site and call and ask how long the wait time is, my brother had to wait 3 months for 100 Oz from Northwest Territorial Mint, the U.S. mint is months backlogged.

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Are American Silver eagles a good investment?!?


Let me know what you guys think!

I also thought it would be cool to see what you guys think are the top 3 coins that are the most profitable to have in your stack – let me know down below.

Does anyone else feel the same about silver eagles or is it just me?

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Our friend Dave Kranzler, founder of Investment Research Dynamics is back to discuss the systemic crimes of the U.S. State Department, U.S. Department of Justice and the crimes of the Hillary Clinton. The latest news from the State Department is just another example of the systemic corruption that is turning the United States into a Banana Republic. The corruption we see at the highest levels of the U.S. government is challenged only by the monetary corruption at the Federal Reserve, Comex and the LBMA. But as PHYSICAL precious metal moves away from the fraudulent western paper metals markets, the writing is on the wall. And despite silver’s rise in price year-to-date Dave reminds us that silver is still “the cheapest investment on earth.” Thanks for joining us.

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Excited Over Silver? Here’s What You Need To Know


Silver has really stolen the show in the precious metals space, but one veteran trader says it may be best for investors to just sit and wait. “Silver could push a little higher but I would be very hesitant to bring new money here,” Todd ‘Bubba’ Horowitz, chief investment strategist for, told Kitco News coming back from the long weekend. ‘You know I love silver but at this point, I think you’re much better waiting.’ Silver prices managed to spike to a two-year high over the weekend, hitting the $21.50 an ounce level, after slightly pulling back. September silver futures settled Tuesday up $0.319 at $19.907 an ounce. Meanwhile, gold continues to attract risk-averse investors, settling the day at $1,358.7 an ounce, up $19.70.

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AD Killa Ink Advises To Invest In Silver Kilo Bars


* Parental Advisory: Explicit Content *

Atlanta vintage enthusiast/gold connoisseur/brand ambassador, AD Killa Ink, sits down with DJ Smallz and advises to invest in silver kilo bars, where to buy, how to buy, and how to cash out. He also compares them to gold kilo bars and other types of common investments such as real estate and Roth IRAs.

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